International Women Conference

International Women Conference

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“Women and Politics Going Together”




March 28, 2013

We support the struggle and demands of the leftist women’s movements in all countries present, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sweden, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kurdistan and Nepal.

We have concluded a very important and historic gathering of left women’s movement with participation from above countries. The objectives of the conference were:

  • To know the existing situation of each country
  • Sharing and exchanging organizational skills and experiences from each other to strengthen women’s movement in respective countries.
  • Identify the common agenda for international women movements.
  • To develop strategies and programs for future working modalities collectively to support each other.
  • To prepare a declaration regarding present international situation.



Women And Politics

1. Ensure proportional representation of women in the new Constitution of Nepal.

2. 50% women reservation in local bodies/authorities (VDC, DDC, Municipal level)

3. Mechanisms for ensuring the women’s meaningful representation in political parties.  At least 33% to be implemented immediately.

4. To balance quantity as well as quality, state and political parties must allocate at least 33% of their budget for women’s political empowerment.



Women against VAW (Violence Against Women)

5. Enact the necessary laws and effective implementation of existing laws and immediate justice through fast track court.

6. Strengthen social security and protection from state at all levels.

7. Easy access to optimum education and information, especially for vocational and technical education by providing conducive environment.

8. Enforce implementation and follow continued Monitoring and Evaluation of existing gender friendly policies and practices.



Organizing The Poor- With A Focus On Women

9. Ensure the rights of displaced and marginalized people and foreign migrant workers.

10. Ensure employment rights and labor law, and right to be free from any exploitation.



Organizing Local Unions

11. Breaking the disparities of wage rates

12. Empowering women membership in trade unions.



We are strongly against US and NATO occupation in Afghanistan and want their immediate withdrawal; power should be in the hands of Afghan people.


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