General Dado Valeroso, PLM candidate for Senator.

General Dado Valeroso, PLM candidate for Senator.

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General Dado Valeroso, as a young police officer, became one of the leaders in the military rebellion against the Marcos dictatorship. In the 1990s, he became disenchanted with the Cory Aquino government which pursued pro-U.S. policies and failed to live up with the Edsa Revolution’s promises. He founded the Young Officers Union (YOU) which launched several revolts against the first Aquino administration. This was the first time the military rebels reached out in talks with the CPP leaders under YOU’s proposed strategy of coup-cum revolution. Valeroso used the nom de guerre Carlos Maglalang during this period.

In 1992, Valeroso was arrested and spent several years in detention. Upon release, he went on to excel as a dedicated career officer in the Philippine National Police (PNP). He just retired recently, but he was one of the officers who was not involved in any case of human rights violations and corruption in the service. He is an MBA graduate of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and a member of PMA class 1982. Valeroso is an expert in national security and served as the country’s police attache in China.

Valeroso decided to run when he saw the Marcoses trying to make a comeback, from VP to presidency, through this elections. He said he’s running as senator to continue the ideals of the Edsa revolution and the idealism of young officers who long for genuine change in the country. His platform will bear the imprint of the YOU seminal program.#


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