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The Asian Socialism Conference will be held in Manila from November 28 to 29, 2014. The conference will be capped by the participation of guests and delegates to the November 30 rally in Manila to commemorate Bonifacio Day, a national hero who led the armed struggle in the revolution against Spain.

The socialism conferences have been a regular feature of PLM’s activities over the last decade and an important part of the party’s efforts to reach out to international left parties, organizations and movements and to learn from the political struggles in our region.


This year the theme will focus on the much trumpeted ‘Asian century’ and linked to this the plans for ASEAN integration, designed by the region’s rulers, as their ‘vision’ for the Asian Century.

The title of the Conference will be: “The Asian Century: For a Socialist Alternative in the Region”.Specific topics include:


  • · The implications of ASEAN integration for the working class and people’s movements
  • · Neoliberal economics: The same medicine in bigger doses
  • · Labor’s response to ASEAN integration
  • · The impact on agriculture and the future of agrarian reform
  • · Militarization and  ‘pivot’ strategy in Asia: Women, violence and war
  • · The People’s Alternative: 21st Century Socialism and Bayanihang Sosyalismo in the Philippines.


Participants in the region include the socialist party in Malaysia (PSM), communist parties in Nepal, socialist groups in Indonesia and other Asian countries. The conference also invited the National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa (NUMSA), the largest industrial trade union in South Africa, which has recently launched a discussion on renewing the struggle for socialism. The NUMSA representative will be a featured guest speaker on the socialist alternative and the struggle for socialist renewal in the African region.#

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